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Dear Readers of The Islamic Bulletin,

With this issue we will endeavor to inform, inspire, unite, and excite our readers for the promotion and encouragement of Islam. We hope that with Allah's help we will be able to increase the knowledge of new members to Islam, as well as provide continued learning and inspiration to those born to Islam.

To the best of our abilities, we seek to provide examples and explanations of the five pillars of Islam and various aspects of Islamic belief and practice in every issue of the Bulletin. To this end we offer such features as Teachings of the Prophet, Qur'anic Miracles, Qur'anic Sciences, and Hadith for your reading pleasure.

We strive to keep abreast of current affairs that directly or indirectly affect the Muslim world and its peoples through Islamic World News. This includes local, national, and international events. Our newsletter focuses strictly on Islamic issues and does not make political statements.

Kids' Corner is designed for the interest and learning of children as well as parents. You'll also find topics of general interest such as: Women in Islam which focuses on women's issues and experiences, Cooks' Corner to share with readers delicious recipes contributed by our staff and in accordance with Islamic traditions, and Why I Embraced Islam to express the awe and gratitude for Allah's mercy of those not born to Islam but allowed to accept the beauty of Islam into their lives.

Our many thanks to Allah for allowing us the opportunity to make this newsletter possible. It has become popular here in the United States and read in many foreign countries. At an Islamic School in London, England, the Bulletin is used as part of their earning curriculum. In addition, permission was given to a publisher in India to translate the Bulletin into other languages.

We currently mail approximately 700 copies of the newsletter free of subscription charges to prison inmates throughout the United States, and the number of Muslim converts in prison continues to increase. This is a very important aspect of the newsletter, as it may be the only access some of these Muslims have to information about Islam. Our newsletter has become very popular as a means of dahwa (invitation) to Islam.

We realize that we have been remiss in a consistent publication of the newsletter; not due to lack of enthusiasm but only because of financial difficulties. All of the writers and editors work voluntarily to spread and teach Islam. We therefore ask our readers who wish to remain subscribers to please send in their $20 subscription fee which covers printing and postage costs. As we update our mailing list for 1997 we want you to be included, so please send in any change of address along with your $20 fee.


The Islamic Bulletin
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February 1997
Ramadan 1417
Note from the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Trip to Peru
Searching for
My Roots
Islamic Dietary Laws
What Is Islam?
In Memory of
Shaikh Kishk
Why I Embraced Islam
Letter to Roman
Emperor Caesar
Cook's Corner
Qur'anic Science
Sayings of the Prophet
Women in Islam
The Wisdom in Islam
Stories of the Sahabah
Eid Stamp