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Assalamu Alaikum!

Dear Readers,

The editor and staff of the Islamic Bulletin hope all of you had a very Happy Eid! There are lots of changes going on here at the Bulletin which we are very enthusiastic about. Some of the things we are working on is a web site for the Bulletin which will enable you to see back issues of the publication on-line with links to related sites, upgrading our systems and data base, new articles and topics, an expanded Kid's Corner, a new area called Technology Review in which we will take a look at various Islamic related software or web sites.

We have brought you our regular subjects such as Dietary Laws of Islam...this time "Split Pea Soup, Anyone?", Kid's Corner, Cook's Corner with some recipes we hope you will use and enjoy, Women In Islam featuring a very interesting woman, Rumaysa bint Milhan, the Last Sermon of the Prophet (pbuh) which is stunning in it's simple yet all-encompassing message, a call to help for foster children greatly in need of good loving families, a very stimulating article in Science and the Quran, discussing "The Big Bang" and how modern discoveries in Science correlate precisely with verses in the Qur'an, a wonderful perspective on Angels, the new "Technology Corner" covering Islamic software, a reprint of an article from Newsweek about Muslims in America, and an interview we are very proud to bring you in "How I Embraced Islam" by Imam Abdu Kadr. This gentleman can serve as an example to all of us in faith. He tells in his moving story how one can change a life headed in the wrong direction through faith in Allah and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to a life of integrity and honor. Additionally, we have included "The Wisdom of Luqman" with advice to his son that transcends time and culture...advice all of us would like to impart to our children.

We are also sending out an appeal to our readers to help us spread the word of Allah to the many prisoners across the country who are in need of Qur'an's and other Islamic materials. We are currently sending this Bulletin to approximately 1,700 men and women incarcerated in American jails who have asked for our assistance in learning about Allah and the message of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

We hope our readers will enjoy our modest efforts to spread the word of Allah through this newsletter. With all the 'construction' going on at the Bulletin, we want to be sure you are receiving your copies of the Islamic Bulletin, so please make sure you are included on the mailing list by completing the back page and sending it to us.

Additionally, in response to all of you out there who have expressed enjoyment in this publication, we thank you. Please feel free to use anything you find in these pages. Many people have asked us if they can reproduce these writings and our resounding answer is YES! May the blessing of Allah be upon you all.

Thank you from the Staff of the Islamic Bulletin.


The Islamic Bulletin
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May / June 1998
Muharram 1419
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