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Assalamu Alaikum!

Dear Readers,

Well, at long last summer has finally arrived! We hope you are all enjoying the many pleasures of warm weather and kids at home. Picnics, swimming, barbeques, vacations, travel. With this in mind we have brought you topics and articles that travel well! We have packed so much into this special summer edition that it grew from 24 to 32 pages! Lots of new 'goings on' here at The Islamic Bulletin!

In 1991, we began the formidable job of compiling mosque locations for southern and northern California with driving directions. In this issue, we have included the new updated edition for those of you planning to travel.

In Sayings of the Prophet (pbuh) we have focused on a Muslim's responsibility to parents and mothers in particular; Qur'an and Science is featuring embryology. Islamic Diet and Manners talks about good Islamic table and eating manners.

Hadith Qudsi presents just a few of the beautiful and very special hadith; Manners of the Prophet (pbuh) covers what the Prophet (pbuh) had to say about a variety of subjects and good general conduct among Muslims. We have formatted it for framing if you like.

A Woman In Islam is a very moving and touching story by a woman who has suffered many trials and tribulations for the sake of Islam ... her story is an inspiration to us all; Hakim ibn Hazm, a close companion of the Prophet (pbuh), who took twenty years to embrace Islam, is our guest in Stories of the Sahaba; and How I Embraced Islam is told by a gentleman gripped by despair, alcohol and demoralization until Islam entered his life.

A prescription for confusion and indecision on page 16 brings relief with Isstikhara; an amazing story comes to us from Bosnia about the mercy of Allah for a family driven from their home with It's Their Miracle; in Islamic World News is an article on the changing face of Islam in America; and additionally, we have an interesting note about a six year old boy who is a hafiz that leaves us all saying "Masha Allah"! We have also brought you an excellent article on the realities of Islam for the new or non-Muslim who has been confused by media misconceptions. Read The Real Story on page 22.

Brothers from the San Francisco area tell about their amazing trip to Nicaragua and about the forgotten Muslims who emigrated there.

In the expanded Kid's Corner, we have a challenging game for kids and their parents too. Can you name the 25 Prophets mentioned in the Qur'an? This is a great traveling or car game, plus a real test of your knowledge. Cook's Corner features two wonderful summer recipes sent in by our readers which are excellent 'take along' foods.

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge and encourage our fellow Muslims who are incarcerated and the readers who have supported us with their subscriptions. We hope you all enjoy this expanded issue.

- The Editor and Staff of The Islamic Bulletin


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August 1998
Jumaada Awal 1419
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