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Dear Readers:

Welcome to the latest edition of The Islamic Bulletin. We would like to thank you for your loyal support over the years. We hope you enjoy our modest efforts to spread the Word of Allah through this newsletter.

In this issue, we have many interesting articles. There is an article on the growth of Islam in Italy, and one on Britain's Prime Minister's praise about the beauty of Islam. There is a story about a man from India who converted to Islam after participating in the destruction of a Masjid. We are very excited to publish the 99 Names of Allah. You should try to read them every day. Of course, if you were to memorize the 99 names in Arabic it would be even easier to remember and recite them every day. A Letter to a Muslim Student, which was written more than 50 years ago, yet still equally relevant and moving today, is one of our favorite articles in this issue. In How I Embraced Islam, a Southern woman tells about her moving story that led her to Islam and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Also inside this issue, read Death Is Coming and learn to cook Ruz Bukhari, a traditional main dish in Hadramout, South Yemen, plus much more.

In recent months, people have inquired about the origins of The Islamic Bulletin. Here is a brief history of the publication: The first Islamic Bulletin, 14 pages long, was published in 1991. It was a simple, stapled newsletter. The graphics for that first issue were put on with tape. We made only 200 copies of the original issue. By the second issue, although we had printed 400, we still did not have enough for all of the people who wanted it! In only a few years, the Bulletin exploded in popularity, with a vast number of people responding positively.

Now, almost 10 years later, we print 15,000 copies of each issue, which barely meets the demand. Our readers, around the country and globe, are excited and appreciate the information on Islam which we provide, and the nonpolitical message of faith and unity we try to communicate. With all of this success comes a lot of work, however. Not only do we face purchase, production, printing, mailing, and postage expenses for the Bulletin, but we also provide Qurans and Islamic literature to prison inmates and to the ever increasing number of new converts. We currently send this Bulletin to approximately 3,000 men and women incarcerated in American jails who have asked for our assistance in learning about Allah and the message of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

The Islamic Bulletin is completely self-supporting. We do not receive any grants or funding except from you, our readers; nor do we take any commercial ads in order to retain the purity of the publication. With this in mind, we are putting out a very strong appeal for your help. We need volunteers! The Bulletin takes a lot of love, devotion, attention, and work to produce. We ask that you share some of your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity with us. There are numerous things to do; from proofreading and helping with mailings, to assisting us with our Web Site. With your help, Insh'Allah, the Bulletin can grow to be even more successful and reach more people.

Always feel free to contact us with your suggestions, and we thank those who have expressed enjoyment in this publication, we thank you.

Please remember us in your prayers and Duha (supplications) and may Allah accept and strengthen us all in our continuing efforts.


The Islamic Bulletin
P.O. Box 410186, San Francisco, CA 94141-0186

August 2000
Jumaada 1420
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