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Ramadan Mubarak !

The Islamic Bulletin returns with our Ramadan edition! We are happy to introduce our recently launched and greatly expanded website, with the resources you need and in the language of your choice—English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Arabic. We have everything from free downloads of classic Islamic Books to the Masjid and Qibla Finder, which points the way from a satellite map of your neighborhood! Want to hear live radio Quran? Do you need to learn how to pray? Thinking of making a last will? We have them all, and so much more. Please visit our website at, and click on "Enter Here", where you will find our site to be user-friendly with easy-find icons.

First and foremost, our goal as Muslims is to worship Allah. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures. Yet, the one strong common thread between each and every one of us is our religion, Islam. So, instead of finding the differences that divide us, let us look at and celebrate the similarities that unite us. And since the one big thing that unites us is Islam, this publication was born with that concept in mind. The Islamic Bulletin started back in 1991, and our mission remains the same—to deliver positive and uplifting Islamic material. As Muslims living in America, we must unite to build our faith and our hopes and dreams for a stronger community. It has always been our wish to bring uplifting articles on Islam, with the hope that they strengthen our Iman (faith) and make us proud to be Muslims. Young or old, it is always encouraging when we read positive stories about Muslims. With this as our goal, the Islamic Bulletin has been striving hard to accomplish this.

Now, on to the current issue of the Islamic Bulletin. In this issue, in addition to all our favorites—Why I Embraced Islam, Islamic World News, Kid's Corner, Stories of the Sahaba—we have also included an enlightening story about Baraka (RA), a story about a school for the blind, an article about what we should do after Ramadan, an updated California prayer location, a Hajj and Umrah guide, a copy of the Islamic last will, everyday duas, and a yummy desert for Ramadan, Tiramisu. We sincerely hope you enjoy this expanded issue. We have designed it to include the resources you might use in your everyday lives. In addition, our duas (supplications) are available on our web site, with an audio feature to help with Arabic pronunciation. With this feature, you can repeat them at your pace so that you can recite them correctly. We hope that you enjoy this expanded issue as well our new, expanded website.

On a final note, the Editors at the Islamic Bulletin ask that you join us in making a special dua' for one of our editors, Pamela Barrett, who passed away recently. Pamela's diligent and tireless work contributed also to the building of the Islamic Bulletin! She will truly be missed. We ask Allah to have Mercy on her, to forgive her sins and grant her paradise. If you would like to read about Pamela's conversion story, it can be found under How I Embraced Islam, on our website. In addition, we have included the book she was working on before she died. During this blessed month of Ramadan, may Allah (SWT) have mercy on us, forgive our sins, and to grant us the hightest level in Paradise, Jannat Al Firdous. Ameen.

Wishing you all the blessings of Ramadan,
Islamic Bulletin


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September 2008
Ramadan 1429
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