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Dear Readers,

Alhamdullilah a lot has been happening at The Islamic Bulletin! With a whole new look and much-needed changes being made, IB has been energized to hopefully serve you, our readers, better. From the cover page to the end, you will see new graphics and designs, high-resolution clarity, and a more modern- looking newsletter. One thing that will never change, Inshallah, is our commitment to providing up-lifting, positive articles that touch our souls.

With that goal in mind, in this issue we have an inspiring story of Omar, in our How I Embraced Islam. You will also find an article entitled Stoppage Time, a concept and term that I only recently learned by watching FIFA World Cup. Another soul-touching story is in the section entitled, Stories of the Sahaba. I always am inspired by the sacrifices of the Companions of our Holy Prophet (S). Somehow, just reading their trials and tribulations make the suffering that we are going through small in comparison.

Also in this issue are many of our favorite topics, like Cooks Corner, where you will learn how to make a cool and refreshing pomegranate fruit smoothie to break the fast. Packed with flavor and nutritious vitamins, this yummy drink is sure to hit the spot. Another recipe that we have included in this issue is one for a delicious Egyptian pita bread. Fast and super-easy to prepare, this pita bread recipe can be served along with your favorite soup or salad. Serve it at your next iftaar and show off to your friends that you can actually bake!

Another exciting development at the Islamic Bulletin is our poster project. Meant to hang in masjids and Islamic centers, these posters help inform Muslims about the correct duas for entering and exiting a masjid, the dua to be recited when hearing the athaan, and reminders of masjid etiquette, such as turning off your cell phone in the masjid and remembering to place shoes on shoe racks.

In 1991, we began the task of compiling mosque locations for southern and northern California with driving directions. In this issue, we have included and updated pull-out edition for those who are planning to travel.

The Islamic Bulletin is thankful of the achievements we have made and Inshallah in the future we hope to strive to reach even higher goals: to spread the word of Islam to even a greater audience of people. Presently, we reach hundreds of incarcerated inmates; many of whom do not have any other source of Islamic literature. We give a special acknowledgment to our Brothers and Sisters in Prison, and admire their steadfastness in these bleak times.

Our readership has grown immensely, and we thank you for seeing us through this growth. As always, we encourage sincere feedback, whether it is something you happen to like in this newsletter and would like to see more of, or something you want to see changed. Our hope is to continue to progress in order to spread the beautiful and peaceful message of Islam.


The Islamic Bulletin
P.O. Box 410186, San Francisco, CA 94141-0186

Vol. XXIV, No. 28
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