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Volunteers Wanted!

The Islamic Center of San Francisco is embarking on a number of exciting projects for the coming year. One of the plans being discussed is the printing and distribution of the Yusuf Ali translation of the Holy Quran in a paper-back edition for the many inquiries being received regarding Islam and requests for the Holy Quran. The facility of its being paperback would make distribution easier. It will be printed with the "English only" text as it would be made available to non-Muslim people.

An increasing effort is being made to provide copies of the Holy Quran to prisons and other such institutions where there is a great demand for information. There are many requests regarding Islam from the general non-Muslim public, and the need to acquaint people with Islam is ever-increasing.

A most challenging endeavor is being made to produce a beautiful "Tree of Prophets", in English and Spanish which artistically show the line of prophets from Adam to Mohammed (peace be upon them). This would be made in a lovely poster size, full-color print and would be a wonderful visual experience for children and adults alike.

Also being proposed is a committee to help with a variety of information requests, such as referrals to Muslim doctors, Halal restaurants, where to obtain Islamic books and materials, a directory of Mosques for those traveling or new to the area, and many other requests for information that are received daily from our growing Muslim community. The writing of a reference booklet has been suggested to compile all this diverse information for convenience to those making inquiries.

The continuing research of miscellaneous foods and whether they are halal is another matter under consideration in this country where ingredients of processed foods is sometimes difficult to establish.

As you can see there are a lot of exciting plans for the Islamic Center of San Francisco to better serve our community. We will need the help of anyone interested in volunteering their time to some of these efforts. We are currently setting up a "volunteer roster" to utilize the talents and abilities of those who wish to work on these worthwhile activities. Now is your chance to get involved. If you would like to help in any way, please call us at 415-552-8831 or email us at

Everyone of us can make a difference!


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September 1992
Safar 1413
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